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Adolfo Garcia, 7-12 ELA

Welcome to your online Classroom!

Here are your instructions: 

Please select your class from the menu below and read the instructions under March 23rd.

It will be easier for you to see and follow the assignments if you press the +View More Detail button.

For the assignments that are NOT IXL, you will have to click on the attachement to view the worksheet. Answer the worksheet in a separate email and make sure to title and number your answers accordingly.  The title of the worksheet should be in the subject line as well. . My email is also posted on the bottom left-hand corner of my profile page on the school website.

The school has set you up with school email accounts so please be sure to check your email daily for any updates that I do not post here. If you encounter any problems with completing assignments or computer issues please notify me by email as soon as you can. 

We will be extremely flexible with you during this transition, please email me if you need any help at all!