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Daily Schedule

Here is a possible schedule that you could follow that allows you specific times for doing homework as well as ample free time to do other things!

Grades 9-12



8am - 9am

Wake up, make your bed, eat breakfast and get ready for an awesome day! And yes, change out of PJs :)

9am - 9:40am

IXL/Khan Academy Math practice. Depending on level, one of the following courses are likely appropriate:

9:40am - 10am

Go for walk/run. Youtube JustDance/workouts if weather is bad. Maybe 15 minutes of Yoga?

10am - 10:40am

Computer classes (Mrs. Garcia: BIM II, Principles of Business, etc.)

10:40 - 11am


11am - 12pm

Science practice on Khan Academy (high school or A.P. level):

12pm - 1pm

Lunch - Listen to an educational podcast! Try This American Life If you like storytelling, or RadioLab or Science Friday if you like science!

1pm - 2pm

Social studies or English  




Walk/break. Maybe a guided meditation?


Journaling/Writing (Can also use this time to complete other subjects)

Things to write about/prompts:

  • What do you think will be the short term implications of the pandemic and the school closures?
  • How will society be different post pandemic? Why?
  • How is this virus different from the flu? Why does that matter?
  • What is the social impact on you of school closures? What is positive and what is negative?
  • Is the governmental response that you are seeing adequate? What would you do differently if you were the mayor, governor or president?


Relax, go outside, work on passions, time with family.


Lights out, time to sleep!

Karly Mondragon, Science Navigation

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