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Matthew Gray, 7-12 Social Studies

Welcome to my online classroom.

Please check here each day for your daily assignments. Each class is labeled and there are assignments for you to follow each day.

Please click the tab marked “Mr. Gray’s Online Classroom” for initial instructions.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Please use the method that is most convenient for you to turn in your work. You can answer the questions in an email to me, you can answer the questions in a Word Document and email it to me, you can download the worksheets, fill them out, scan them, and send them back to me in an email, and you can use Google Docs if you would like. There are other options as well; just make sure to turn in your assignments.

ALSO: Please remember to put the assignment title in the subject line. Make sure you number your answers accordingly. If you scan the worksheets, please email me the COMPLETE worksheet in proper order.

ASSIGNMENTS: Are due by 11PM of the due date.


The Signing of The Declaration of Independence

Matthew Gray

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