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Richard Morris


Dr. Richard Morris

HS Science

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About Me

Educational History:

  • High School: Bellair Senior High School (Houston)
  • College:  University of Texas (Austin)
  • Engineering: University of Pennsylvania (Phila)
  • Behavioral Sciences / Public Health: Rice University (Houston)

Degrees and Certifications:

  • BA, University of Texas, Austin
  • MSE, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
  • PhD, Rice University, Houston
  • Teacher Preparation, ESC Region 18, Midland-Odessa
  • Lab Safety and Compliance, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore

Current Position:

  • Engineering and Innovation, Redland Middle School, MCPS, Rockville
  • Science 8, Redland Middle School, MCPS, Rockville
  • Behavioral Toxicology, Department of Life Sciences, UTSA
  • Psycholinguistics, Department of Behavioral Sciences, UTSA
  • Systems Biology, FAES (graduate school), National Institutes of Health
  • Entrepreneurship, School of Business, St. Mary’s Univeristy
  • Health Care Administration, St. Joseph’s University


Richard Morris

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