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Dannielle Lewis

Welcome to my online classroom. 5th and 6th Grade ELAR and Social Studies

Dear Parents and Students,

            What a crazy epidemic this is becoming right! Well, I want to welcome you all; to at home learning! Due to our extended release until April 3rd, returning on April 6th, we want to continue to teach and have you as students learning from home. I will be providing work for your child to do at home with your instruction and help! I will try to be very specific with assignments, but please do not hesitate to contact me if needed through email or my home number 432-426-9004 or on the remind app: class code for sixth grade @89fbb8, class code for fifth grade@8hf764. For your students login information for IXL and HMH please email/ or call me. 

We will be providing a breakfast/lunch during this time. Students living in Saragossa can pick the meals up from the Catholic Church. Students living in Balmorhea may pick up at the school cafeteria. All assignments will be online at this time due to the recommended limited contact needed. I am providing the login information your child will need to login to all accounts to complete work while they are learning online. I have included a schedule that may help create an enjoyable homeschool environment. You can change anything you need to meet your specific needs.                                    OK Students!! Here we go! Online Learning!

All students have access to the reading books we use in the classroom online. You will have weekly assignments in the HMH (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) Reading https://www.hmhco/one/login  When you login to your HMH account Read the story first then complete each assignment.  You will also be required to work in your IXL account. I will send your login information to you as well.  the recommended time to spend on your IXL is 30 mins. A day for each subject area. 30 min. for English language Arts/30 min. for Social Studies/ 30 min. for Math and 30 min. for Science.  In Your IXL account on the Right Hand corner you will see a yellow star. These are assignments you need to complete. Click the down arrow and you will click on first assignment and continue down. You can click on any assignment under the star at any time to complete, it does not have to go in order. You have Social Studies in these assignments too. Fifth and Sixth grade will be working on 5th and 6th grade material at times. This is to help you grow and strengthen your skills.

I want to thank each of you as parents in helping your child in their learning process through this scary and unpredictable time. This is all new for us and I want to keep educating each of my students to the best of my ability. I miss you all and pray that every one of you and your families stay healthy! I will be checking in with you all on a regular basis and keeping track of your progress from afar. Parents please, please reach out if you need anything at all! Here’s to a new exciting adventure!  

Daily Schedule to help with Routines:

8:30-9:30: HMH reading book on line

 9:30-10:00: IXL Assignments located under the Star upper top right corner

Take a short break!

10:30- 11:00 IXL Math assignments

11:00- 11:30 IXL Science assignments

11:30-12:00 IXL Social Studies assignments


I Miss you guys!! If you need me please call!

Mrs. Lewis J

Ps: Please share this with your fellow classmates!


Dannielle Lewis

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